Run Rabbit Run for 8 to 10 Players

Run Rabbit Run

Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 or 10 Players

Farce and murder at the Good Fortune theatre

The DeVere theatre company has returned home to the Good Fortune theatre to start rehearsals for its next production. It is the first day of rehearsals and already there has been a change to the schedule.

The part of the dead body is now played by Buck Mailer

who was violently killed as he stood in the spotlight,

stage centre.

Run Rabbit Run

Brief Biographies of the players in the

DeVere Theatre Group

Montague DeVere The Director of this theatre company. He is are renowned for “always producing great plays”. As an ex-army man he runs the productions like a military operation.

Conney Trabande The theatre manager and arranger of all the tours. Conney is very good at fixing things and getting things done. It was Conney who arranged the last tour abroad in Bosanova. It was Conney who found replacement players when some of the cast suddenly quit.

Margot DeVere The wife of Montague DeVere the Director. Margot comes from one of the great theatre families the Gillymotts, so Acting is in her blood. The Gillymotts are regarded as the royalty of the theatre, Margot has the grace, the charm, the elegance of a princess.

 Warren Lane Warren plays a smooth sophisticated character in the latest play. A role reflecting his real life character. Warren was brought into the theatre by Montague who he knew from their army days. But now Warren dreams of greater things, he is fed up playing all the bit parts.

Eric Leveret Eric plays the ‘bumbling vicar’ type of role. Some say these types of role are ‘him’. Eric wants to give up the stage and follow in the footsteps of other actors who found a career in politics. But is he ruthless enough for this. Can he rise up and satisfy madam parliament.

 Matha Hare The enigmatic Bosanovian actress who joined the theatre company on its recent tour of Bosanova. Although unknown outside Bosanova she has quite a reputation within her own country. It does help when you have a catchphrase, and hers is sweeping the country.

Veracity Burrows Veracity played the part of a delicate damsel in the latest production. In fact she nearly always play the role of a naive heroine. It is easy to see why as she is so pretty and petite. Her one little foible, like many in the theatre, is that she is so superstitious. Still, it should all turn out OK, ………. touch wood.

Sebastian Graylord The female impersonator who joined the theatre company during a recent tour of Bosanova. He has been a great success. Under the mascara and blusher his chiselled good looks could turn a woman head. At the moment he is enjoying the celebrity lifestyle with chat shows and daytime TV. But who knows what is just around the corner.

Buck Mailer The ambitious actor who will stop at nothing to reach the top. A seedy past can lead to a tragic end when it all comes crashing down on you.

Additional Characters for 10 player game:

Sir James Gillymott The world famous thespian. Has worked as a director but is best known for his acting. Has played all the great parts…Romeo, Hamlet, MacBeth. Retired from the stage a few years ago.

Nurse Better Beautiful young nurse engaged to keep an eye on Sir James. Loves the theatre, but does not act herself.



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