A Shotgun Wedding for 8 to 12 Players

 A Shotgun Wedding

Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 or 12 Players

 What better way to stop a wedding than kill the bride ?

Here comes the bride. All dressed in…..
It appears that someone had reason to stop Helen Earth marrying Simon Land. What better way is there to cancel a wedding, than shooting the bride ?
Eight player game includes the mothers, stepfather, vicar, bridesmaids and best man, as well as the unfortunate groom.
Additional family and friends are included in the 12 player version.

A Shotgun Wedding


HELEN EARTH – Bride, aged 18 Helen is the daughter of Salina Earth and the late Marshall Earth. With her long straight dark hair and sparkling brown eyes she is a very beautiful young lady. Helen is a very rich young lady as well, inheriting a fortune from her father.

SIMON LAND – Groom, aged 18 Simon is a tall, handsome young man, with velvet brown eyes and brown curly hair. He has no memory of his father, Hunter Land, who died when he was a baby. Hunter left Simon and his mother sizable trust funds, so they have never had any financial worries. Simon is quite close to his step-father, Homer, who is only eight years his senior.

SALINA EARTH – Brides Mother, aged 36 Helen inherited her mothers good looks, an asset that Salina has retained. Salina still possesses straight dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. With only eighteen years between them, it is hardly surprising when people mistake Salina and Helen for sisters. When her husband was killed in a hunting accident, Salina sought the comfort of the church and her old friend, Rev. Olver.

LIZA LOTT – Groom’s Mother, aged 36 Liza, at 36, is still a beautiful woman. She has blond curly hair,baby-blue eyes and the same slim figure she had as a teenager, although she is now far more elegant. Liza married Homer, ten years her junior, two years ago. Liza was deeply upset by Marshall’s death six years ago and was glad that Randy Olver, a former childhood friend, was around.

HOMER LOTT – Groom’s Step-father, aged 26 Homer is a 26 year old self-employed plumber. He was employed to do some work at Lodge Cottage where he met Liza. He fell instantly in love with her. They married soon afterwards and he moved into Lodge Cottage. Since then he has been selective in the jobs he has undertaken. He is close to his step-son, acting more as a friend than a step-parent.

 CANDY SWEET – Chief Bridesmaid, aged 18 Candy is a beautiful young lady with flaming red hair. She has a bright, sunny disposition. Candy is the only child of Mr Sweet, the village locksmith, and is currently learning the family business.

KASS ANOVER – Best Man, aged 20 Kass has a lean, muscular body, piercing blue eyes and soft blond curls.With charisma which few women can resist, there are a string of broken hearts in his wake. While he is happy to be Simon’s best man, he does not see himself getting trapped by marriage.

WIN CHESTER – Bridesmaid, aged 20 Win is the niece of Rev. Olver. She has been staying with him for six months. She has long, dark wavy hair and pretty features.

REV. OLVER – Vicar, aged 38 Randy Olver was a rebel in his youth. No woman was safe while he was around! He has since renounced his past ways and is now vicar of the Little Upingham parish church. The years have not harmed his looks; he is still a strikingly handsome man. Probably why women pack his services.

Additional characters in the 12 player version:

MOTHER EARTH – Brides Grandmother, aged 60 This is the matriarch of the Earth family. She is Marshall Earth’s mother, and grandmother of the bride.
RUBY COTTON – Dressmaker aged 30 Ruby runs her own dressmaking business and specialise in wedding dresses. She has a bubbly personality that makes people feel at ease.

BOSS ANOVER – Local businessman aged 40 He owns the local factory which produces piping and plumbing equipment.

FRED SWEET – Local locksmith aged 42 Fred owns his own locksmiths business. His daughter is Candy Sweet, Helen’s chief bridesmaid.

A Shotgun Wedding





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