ITM Murder Mystery Games for 8 to 12 Players

rabbitRun Rabbit Run

Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 or 10 Players

Farce and murder at the Good Fortune theatre

The DeVere theatre company has returned home to the Good Fortune theatre to start rehearsals for its next production.
It is the first day of rehearsals and already there has been a change to the schedule.
The part of the dead body is now played by Buck Mailer who was violently killed as he stood in the spotlight, stage centre.

 A Shotgun Wedding

shotgun wedding
Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 or 12 Players

What better way to stop a wedding than kill the bride

Here comes the bride. All dressed in….. It appears that someone had reason to stop Helen Earth marrying Simon Land. What better way is there to cancel a wedding, than shooting the bride ? Eight player game includes the mothers, stepfather, vicar, bridesmaids and best man, as well as the unfortunate groom. Additional family and friends are included in the 12 player version.


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