ITM Murder Mystery Games for 8 Players

 No Malist Aforethought


Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 Players

Murder on a millionaires private island

It is the 1980’s. A time of big bucks, big shoulders and big egos. Maxy Malist, extrovert publisher and businessman, is a man with a big ego who intends to publish his own biography.

As friends and associates from Maxy’s past join him on his private island, stories about Maxy abound. But perhaps, of more importance, is what stories can Maxy tell about them.

Lamb To The Slaughter

lamb movies
Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 Players

Things were quiet on the set, especially BarBara Lamb.

Being dead may have been the reason for this!

1938 Hollywood. Lamb Studios are filming the horror movie “Mummy Knows Best” in an out-of-town warehouse made to replicate an Egyptian tomb.

Centre stage was a Sarcophagus to hold the infamous Mummy of the title. However, this time the mummy it held was Janet’s stepmother, in a pool of blood.

St Valentine’s Day Masquerade

   Divalentines daynner party murder mystery game for 8 Players

  A murder mystery with a difference – a who didn’t do it!

   It is Chicago. It is 1923. It is the time of prohibition.

   Danny ‘Diamond’ Ditali, the infamous rum runner and gang boss has a problem.
   Last night Danny ordered 8 hits by eight members of his gang.
   Although all his gang reported success, he now hears that one of his victims is really in the hands of the FEDs, and squealing like a pig. So the big question is….Who Didn’t Do It?

 The Eight Deadly Sinners

Dinner party murder mystery game for 8 Playerseight deadly sinners

9 Set of on a pilgrimage, only 8 will arrive!

The year is 1254. Nine set out from the village of Lower Morrals on a pilgrimage to the monestry on Iona. Nine set out but only eight will complete the journey.
A pilgrimage is a time for telling stories, but there are some stories that should not be told. A pilgrimage is a time for discovering a persons character, but there are characteristics best left hidden.


Comments:  Hi,

I just played “No Malist Aforethought” yesterday. And it was huge fun.

MessageType:  Praise

UserName:  Anne Staehr


Comments:  Last fall, I tried out your No Malist Aforethought game, and everybody loved it!  Last week, we all got together for The 8 Deadly Sinners and had even more fun!!!  I have been hosting murders for about 7 years, and I’m so glad to have found your site.  Your games are simply terrific!  I’m sure I’ll be ordering more of them in the near future. Thanks again!

MessageType:  Praise

UserName:  Kathy


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