Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Dinner party murder mystery game for 6 Players

The world of big business and fluffy toys
Enter the 1980’s world of big business and fluffy toys. Join Chester Toyes at the launch of the new range of products called “Teddy Bears Picnic”.
But are things as innocent as they seem?


Brief Biographies of People on the Estate on Wednesday 5th July

CHESTER TOYES. Chester set up Edwards toys with Theo Edwards and Penny Whistle five years ago.He took over as head of the company when Theo died of a drugs overdose one year ago. Chester married Theos widow, Babette, and now lives with her in Edwards House, Surrey.

BABETTE TOYES. Babette was born in France and lived there until her marriage to Theo Edwards following a whirlwind courtship. She inherited Edwards House and a third of the shares in Edwards Toys when Theo died. Chester was very supportive when Theo died and Babe married him six months later.

PENNY WHISTLE. Penny is the designer for Edwards Toys. She helped her childhood sweetheart, Theo, set up the company five years ago with Chester Toyes.She still owns a third of the shares in the company.

KASH D SPENCER. Kash is the accountant for Edwards Toys. He has gained the reputation of a brilliant financial strategist, and the reputation of a ladies man.

CARRIE HONOR FAIR. Carrie has been Chester’s personal assistant for a year, ever since Theo’s death. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe.

ERNEST STATEMENTS. Ernest is the head of marketing and public relations for Edwards Toys.He was instrumental in organising the Rotterdam part of the ’Teddy Bears Picnic’ promotion. He is considered Chester’s second in command, but does not own any shares in the company.

RYAN STOREY Ryan is a journalist with ’Toys International’. He arrived at the estate a day early in the hope of getting an exclusive interview.



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