Invitation To Mystery Games

Teen Mystery Party Games for ages 11 and above.

ZAP, and its gone – 7 Players (4 Boys and 3 Girls)

The year 2310. The human race has expanded beyond the limit of its small solar system and has travelled to many new systems and met many new races. The Starlines have been established between the major star systems. Starlines, the motorways of space. This is a time where the heroes of Starline Patrol protect the Starlines. This is not a story about the glamorous end of space travel. Of heroes, of Starline Patrol. No, this is the real end where people struggle to carry cargo and passengers along the starlines on spaceships like the Buccaneer. This latest trip is not without incident. The Buccaneer has recently left space dock. Several people joined the ship at its last port of call but now one of them is missing.

Zap and its gone

A Charm of Magpies – 6 Players (6 Girls)

It is Saturday Morning. The girls from Oswald Academy arrived by coach last night and have been camping in the grounds of the Uppingham College Campus. They are all set for the days choir competition until one of them makes a discovery. Then things start to go missing……Now they have a mystery to solve as well.


The Final Disgrace – 8 Players (4 Boys and 4 Girls)

Today was the final of the Eclipse Cup, Football’s Mixed Six-a-side competition. Lower Morrals Athletic, the loosing team, are back in the dressing room. What went wrong? This had been Lower Morrals Athletic’s best season ever and they had reached the final with a string of record breaking scores. Was this bad luck or something more sinister, had someone caused them to loose the game?

final disgrace

Helloween – 6 Players (3 Boys, 3 Girls)

You are now at the very old manor house MacArbe Manor. The bad weather raced you and won. It has settled into a steady rain that could keep up all night. On top of this, it has added a steady wind that is now driving the rain as well as thunder and lightning. This is weather with attitude. Your first sight of the house is as a silhouette with the lightning lighting up the gables and the thunder roaring in your ears like a demon.You are here at the invitation of Freddy Loren the new owner of MacArbe Manor. We will let Freddy tell you why he would buy such a strange old house. Why has he created a museum dedicated to his ‘Starline Patrol’ Stories. And why is the mask of Death Raider on prominent display… Everyone has a curse to share. Are they being controled by the mask, or is there a more earthly explanation…


Who Slayed Santa?

Two Games available!

Christmas 1979 and School was nearly out. The year, and the decade, was about to end with a Christmas disco to remember. It was 6pm as the gang assembled in the foyer to check that everything was ready. The first thing they all saw was “The Winter Wonderland” display erected in the school foyer. It depicted Santa Claus and his Reindeer. Only now the display was covered in red paint……… Who would possibly do such an act of vandalism, and why?

6 Players (6 Girls)

9 players (mixed – 5 girls and 4 boys)


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