The Cuban Detox

Time to switch off

Sometimes its good to switch off from technology, step away from your screen and see the beauty of the world around you.

Look around at the scenery.

Take time to smell the roses.

Enjoy new experiences.

Discover new things……

Give yourself a digital detox

I know there are people that offer retreats banning the use of laptops and smartphones etc. I get that sometimes you just need to step away from your screen and experience life.
For us, visiting Cuba, meant stepping away from the laptop by default. Our mobile phones would not work there and internet access was totally unavailable at one hotel we visited and difficult to connect to at another.

Was this a problem?

Not really.
We were prepared to embrace the lack of coverage. We set up an emergency email address for current clients that was monitored in our absence and were able to check in with home for half an hour mid-way through the holiday. The rest of the time we enjoyed our holiday, making new friends, exploring Cuba, drinking cocktails, discovering world heritage sites, swimming in the Bay of Pigs…..

 Which leads to the Overflowing Inbox

When we landed at Heathrow and I switched on my phone I already had 8000 new emails waiting for my attention!
Added to the thousands already in my inbox “to read later” and “to keep in case I need them” and my inbox was overflowing with stuff there was no way I’d ever read.
And so I did the only thing possible. I signed up for Alice Jennings Inbox Detox Challenge. With her help I’ve archived loads, unsubscribed where I can (why do some sites make it impossible?) and started to organise my inbox into folders.

At the end of all this organising I’m going to need another holiday!


Day of Unplugging

The 3rd March has been designated the National Day of Unplugging. Technically (excuse the pun) the DAY is the 24 hour period from sun-down on Friday 3rd March to sun-down on Saturday 4th March 2017.

Can you survive for 24 hours without any technology?

The concept of #NationalDayOfUnplugging grew from the idea of the Jewish Sabbath ritual of setting aside one day per week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with loved ones.

So stop checking your phones and talk to people in person, listen to live music instead of using headphones and enjoy new experiences and discover new things…….

Believe me. The emails will still be there, waiting for you, the next day.


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