A Travel Guide Through Time

Dr Matthew Green is your guide to six  periods in London’s history.

Turn the pages and explore the sights, sounds and smells of London through the ages.

Circle the walls of medieval London as the city lies barricaded under curfew in 1390. In 1603 visit a savage bull and bear baiting arena on the Bankside at the time of Shakespeare. Discover what London was like in 1665 during the plague. Imagine inhaling the ‘holy herb’ in an early tobacco house.Navigate the 18th century streets in style with a ride on a sedan chair, then tour the freak-show booths in 1884 in Victorian London. And for a more contemporary adventure, explore post war London starting to rise again in 1957.

This book has been decribed as “A must for anyone interested in London’s history”.


Another way to explore London is to book a Treasure Hunt in London adventure.

Visit www.scavengerhunts.london to buy tickets or book a private treasure hunt.




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