The host of three Summer Olympics

To mark the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games.

The 1896 Summer Olympics was the first international Olympic Games held in the modern era.

Invitation To Events

1908, 1948 and 2012 

London is the only city to host the Summer Games three times.

olympic stadium by Juliamaud

Today the eyes of the world are on the London Olympics again as the Opening ceremony is staged. While Beijing’s opening ceremony had 2008 pounding drummers and cost a reported $100m, the Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle was given a budget of £27m to work with

“I would have thought the difficulty is how you cram in all that is great about our country,” British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday. “Whether it is sport, art, literature, history, contribution to world events, there are so many things to celebrate about our country that packing all that in to these hours must be a pretty tough task. But I am confident they have done a good job.”

Boyle’s vision is to represent not just London, but Britain.inspired by William Shakespeare’s…

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