One Year. One Country. Four Capital Cities.

The Four UK Capital Cities in One Year Adventure.

Last year one of the City Adventures my husband and I undertook was to visit all four UK Capital cities in a year. Running Treasure hunts in London we get to visit London on a regular basis.

houses of parliament by Juliamaud

The challenge was to visit Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast as well as London.

We started with Wales, by visiting Cardiff in the Spring.

Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff by Juliamaud

cardiff museum in spring by Juliamaud

Then on to Scotland in the Summer, for the Edinburgh Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Edinburgh Tattoo by Juliamaud

And finally made it to Belfast in time for the Christmas Market.

Belfast City Hall at Christmas by juliamaud


And City Adventures for 2016?

We have just started planning our next adventures.

What adventures have you got planned for 2016? Leave your comments below.

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All photos copyright Juliamaud 2015


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