More Short Christmas Reads

Christmas in Bruges

Paula decides to spend Christmas alone in the gorgeous city of Bruges.

However, her old college boyfriend, and very first love, James is also spending time in the city. A surprise encounter leads to a walk through the snowy streets, and talk of the paths their lives have taken over the past nine years.

It seems that love is in the air as Christmas Day approaches, until James’s painful war memories of his time as a medic in Afghanistan, threaten their rekindled love.

Christmas in Bruges
Christmas in Bruges

A Christmas Tail

Thomas McLaren has been given only months to live, so his mother decides to take him to St Andrews to find Hamish McHamish. Hamish is the town’s famous cat who Thomas believes can cure him, if only he can stroke him.

Unfortunately, Hamish has gone missing and it is up to DCI Andy Gilchrist to track down the missing moggy.

A Christmas Tail by T F Muir
A Christmas Tail by T F Muir



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