Mommie Dearest from the Golden age of Cinema……

Not a great role model for mothers, the movie “Mommie Dearest” shines the light on Christina Crawford who endured an abusive and traumatic  upbringing of at the hands of her mother…screen queen Joan Crawford.


Another Hollywood mother , or should that be step-mother, who didn’t deserve flowers for Mothers Day is Barbara Lamb.

Set in the golden age of Hollywood movies, this murder mystery game concerns the cast and crew of “Mummy Knows Best”.


Lamb to the slaughter by ITM Games
Or how about a  movie about another Hollywood mother?Lamb to the slaughter by ITM Games

Archie and the others raced to the Egyptian Sarcophagus on the set. There lay Barbara Lamb, head of Lamb Studios and Janet’s stepmother, in a pool of blood.

By her head was a bloodied ‘CEDRIC’ statuette…….

Want to know more? Then order the murder mystery game “Lamb to the Slaughter” from





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