Take Care During ‘Party Season’

Champagne and pate by Jon Sullivan/PDPhoto.org.

‘Party Season’ is here.

A time to break with the diet and indulge. Just as long as you don’t over indulge. Hospital admissions for alcohol related accidents and injuries go through the roof as people drink 41 per cent more in December than the monthly average.

It goes without saying you should never drink and drive.

This image is in the public domain - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkeys.jpg - Photo by Scott Bauer.
Photo by Scott Bauer.

There’s also a risk from eating the festive bird.

80 per cent of people wash the turkey before cooking it, spreading germs to kitchen surfaces. It also takes hours to cook a turkey properly. Undercook turkey and you could contract salmonella poisoning. And one in five of us risk food poisoning from eating turkey leftovers which have spent longer than the recommended two days in the fridge. Daily Mail reported in 2012 that around 30 people die from food poisoning in the UK each Christmas.

For advice on staying safe see



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