Christmas Trees and Fairy Lights can be fatal.

Photo of an artificial christmas tree by Kelvinsong
Photo of an artificial christmas tree by Kelvinsong

Of the 350 reported fairy light injuries, most occurred whilst decorating.  Injuries include people falling while putting up the lights, children swallowing the bulbs, and people getting electric shocks and burns from faulty lights.  Lights can also have fatal consequences with an alarming number of deaths caused by people watering the tree with the lights switched on.

Accidents can be avoided by ensuring your fairy lights come with a safety mark, such as the BSI Kitemark. Only use lights outdoors if they were intended for that purpose and turn them off before you go to bed at night. It is also recommended that you replace your lights every three years and keep them out of reach of children

Around 1,000 people each year suffer Christmas tree related injuries. According to RoSPA, these injuries usually occur while fixing lights, stars and decorations to the higher branches. Other injuires include pine-related eye injuries as people reached for presents.

Thinking of Presents, people often trip over toys and electric cables. Other Christmas Day accidents include people cutting themselves when they try to open presents too quickly and people accidentally stabbing themselves with scissors, which they’ve used instead of using a screwdriver, to assemble toys.

For advice on staying safe see


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