Murder Mystery – The Egg & Spoon Race

Benedict Egg meets Runcy Spoon

In 2011, Benedict Egg and Runcy Spoon were locked in a vicious battle.

  • Both were rivals in the field of electronic innovation.
  • Both were concerned about the problem of sustainable energy.
  • Both were racing to find a solution.

But only one could win The Egg and Spoon Race

Benedict Egg with Al Bumen

It appeared to everyone that Benedict Egg may have won, when he announced a press conference.

But, as Benedict demonstrated his companies exciting discovery there was a fatal accident!
……….Or was it?
Maybe this was no accident but MURDER!

Murder Mystery Dinner – The Egg and Spoon Race
 If you would like to experience The Egg and Spoon Race yourselves, log onto and hire a private party for you and your friends, family and colleagues.  Actors play the parts of the suspects and victim, while the audience interact as the journalists, VIPs and guests at the press conference.
This murder mystery is produced by Invitation To Events
Photography by Edyta Kozlowska
Actors –
  • David McKechnie as Benedict Egg
  • Anthony Bird as Runcy Spoon
  • Toni Brooks as Faye B J Egg
  • Mark Scott as Al Bumen
  • Gemma Slade as Molly Coddled
  • Dezzi Lloyd as Eau Bergine
  • Catherine Skeggs as Sue Flay

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