Chingford – Discover London’s countryside and urban heritage

London’s countryside and urban heritage.  Today Chingford is a suburb of London on the London/Essex border that sits on the edge of Epping Forest.  Epping Forrest is owned by the City of London. Originally the whole parish of Chingford lay within the ancient Forest of Essex. it comprised of three forest hamlets and was a scattered farming … More Chingford – Discover London’s countryside and urban heritage

Discover hidden heritage around Spitalfields

Bring the family on an adventure around the Spitalfields area of London. You will discover heritage hidden behind virtual eggs on Treasure Hunts In London’s Fairytale in the City treasure hunt. Spitalfields Settled by the Romans, Spitalfields was mainly fields until the French Protestant refugees called the Huguenot moved to the area 1685. They established … More Discover hidden heritage around Spitalfields

Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Born on 16 May 1718 in Milan, Maria Gaetana Agnesi  was an Italian mathematician, philosopher, theologian and humanitarian. Her contributions to mathematics are very important. She was the first woman to write a mathematics handbook and the first woman appointed as a Mathematics Professor at a university. She was the oldest of the 21 children and “was … More Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Street Art in Brixton

Explore Brixton and Discover It’s Street Art There was a time when street art was merely graffiti. Now art on the street is being commissioned by the local council. The nature of street art: spontaneous, public and mostly fleeting. Abandoned buildings can be transformed by a few sprays of paint.  The makeshift canvas, tagged by its author reveals a … More Street Art in Brixton

Going In Style

Going in Style is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. However there are lots of  differences in the plot of the new film. Both are based on the short story “Here on a Visit” by Edward Cannon The original starred George Burns as Joe, Art Carney as Al and Lee Strasberg as … More Going In Style

St George

The Princess and the dragon The story of a Princess being saved from a dragon is found in many legends. One of the earliest example of this motif is Perseus saving Andromeda. St. George and the dragon is a medieval legend in a similar vein. This one has strong Christian overtones as St George was a Christian knight. The … More St George

Did you know the Easter Bunny was originally a hare?

So you should be getting Easter eggs today from the Easter Hare. Yes, there is a difference! Hares are larger, haven’t been domesticated, and live in flattened nest-like areas of grass called forms rather than underground. Where did this idea start? The legend of the Easter Bunny can be traced back to a 16th-century German character named Osterhase, … More Did you know the Easter Bunny was originally a hare?